The Strange Bike That Lets You Walk While Cycling

Bicycles are a popular form of transportation and recreation whose shape and construction have evolved constantly over the years. They were designed so that you use leg power to move the pedals, which rotates a cog, and in turn powers the wheels. Even electric bikes, which offer the rider some resistance, still preserve the pedal motion. Now there’s a new bike in town, and this one is reminiscent of a treadmill. The Lopifit is literally a treadmill on wheels. The name is a combination of “lopan,” which is Dutch for “walk,” and “fit” as in healthy. A sensor within the bike picks up when the rider begins to walk and kicks the electric motor into action. The treadmill motion is there to recharge the battery, not to directly move the wheels. Designed by Bruin Bergmeester, the crazy bike’s maximum speed is 15mph and it's able to go about 50 miles on a full charge, which takes about 4 hours. As you might imagine, the Lopifit doesn’t come cheap. It's price tag of $2,500, but compared to top-end electric bikes, which go for around $6,000 to $7,000, it's not bad. You can always get past the sticker shock by reminding yourself that you’re getting a bike AND a treadmill.