The Scottish Munchy Box: Recipe For a Heart Attack

For those who aren’t familiar, a “munchy box” is an inexpensive fast-food product sold by carry-out restaurants in Scotland. The contents of a munchy box vary, but typically include kebab meat, fried chicken, pizza, chicken tikka masala, samosas (similar to a pierogi), onion rings, chow mein noodles, pakora (Indian fritter), naan bread, garlic bread, coleslaw, and a variety of sauces — all served in a pizza box. Occasionally, they include a salad item and fries or fried rice. While it’s not clear whether a munchy box is intended to be consumed as a meal for one, there has been concern about the health implications if it’s consumed in this way. The combination of very large portions and the low price — typically £10 ($12) — has made the munchy box popular, but it’s contents have led to health concerns among Scottish politicians and health officials, particularly if consumed by children. Munchy boxes typically carry an average of 5,000 calories, not to mention the overload of sodium and saturated fat.