Swedish Car Manufacturer Ships Cars In Packages

A Swedish electric vehicle manufacturer hopes to become the IKEA of small electric vehicles by shipping its cars as individual parts. Luvly, a Swedish start-up specializing in small and affordable electric vehicles, has announced plans to ship its tiny cars as flat packs to be assembled at their final destination. The company claims that this unusual model will allow it to fit 20 of its cars into a container that would otherwise only have room for 4 assembled vehicles, thus lowering the transportation costs considerably. The company has clarified, however, that unlike IKEA furniture, its electric vehicles aren’t meant for home assembly. Instead, the flat packs will end up at micro-factories where they will be quickly put together by specialized staff to ensure complete safety. The start-up, which derives its name from the acronym LUV (Light Urban Vehicle), recently unveiled the Luvly 0 — a 2-seat, urban-only electric car that weighs 880 pounds and measures 6½ feet long by 5 feet wide. It’s powered by two 33-pound batteries that offer enough power for a maximum range of 62 miles at a top speed of 55mph. Additionally, the battery is divided into two removable pieces that can be charged at home, with each module taking only one hour to charge from a regular outlet. The logistics system is the main factor that allows Luvly to sell its EVs for just $11,000. If you want to pre-order one for yourself, head over to the company’s website.