Police K9 Accused of Stealing Officer’s Lunch Invokes Fifth Amendment Right To Remain Silent

Few virtues are as important in the profession of law enforcement as honesty. The Wyandotte Police Department (WPD) in Michigan made this point crystal clear when they announced that one furry, 4-legged officer in their ranks was guilty of stealing…….and from a fellow officer no less. The WPD took to Facebook to air the matter with the public because, as the saying goes: “Sunlight is the best disinfectant.” As the post explained: 


"Officer Barwig was eating lunch in the break room when he was called to assist another officer. A short while later, Barwig and another office returned to the break room and discovered canine Officer Ice leisurely strolling out of the room licking his chops. Barwig’s entire lunch was gone…..disappeared…..vanished! Officer Ice has invoked his fifth amendment right to remain silent and, quite frankly, is not cooperating with the investigation. He has a history of rummaging through trash cans that are within his reach. There have been several other accusations of him taking food right from coworker’s hands as they walk by. WPD will consider our Facebook followers’ opinions on how to proceed with this investigation.” 


Dozens of attorneys offered to defend Officer Ice "pro-bone-o," but the WPD has been threatened with protests if they move forward with the investigation. Since there’s no conclusive evidence and no video showing that Officer Ice is, indeed, the guilty party, no criminal charges will be filed and Officer Ice will face no internal discipline. Meanwhile, Lunch Wyandotte dropped off a custom-made sandwich for Officer Ice, believing he’s clearly not being fed enough. Side note: they threw in a tray of sammies for the 2-legged officers, too!