Man Who Quit His Job and Moved To Hawaii Lives Only Spends $25 a Month

Robert Breton had been working as a cashier in Northern California when he decided it was time to live a more remote lifestyle. In 2011, he began traveling across the country, trying to find the perfect place to settle down. He finally opted to move to Hawaii, where he bought a quarter of an acre of land. The plot, plus building materials, cost him $29,850, and he now lives a sustainable lifestyle. It took the 35-year-old two years to erect a 200-square-foot house, which is raised 40 feet off the ground. He didn’t have to obtain a building permit because he lives in a “non-regulated agricultural zone.” The unconventional structure boasts a living area, kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom. He collects rainwater off the roof to drink, and it flows into the kitchen and bathroom. There’s also a greenhouse where Robert grows the majority of his food, including sweet potatoes, kale, and micro-greens. He occasionally buys grains, quinoa and other supplements from a market in a town more than an hour’s walk away. The house is equipped with solar panels that provide electricity to the tiny home, and all Robert spends monthly is $25 for Wi-Fi service. He manages to make a living through his social media, as well as his supplement business, New Earth Organic. He sees himself being off grid for the rest of his life and hopes to one day  teach others about its benefits by hosting seminars.