Is There Finally a Decent iPad Competitor?

When Steve Jobs unveiled the iPad in 2010, it marked the start of almost a decade and a half of total dominance of the tablet market for Apple. Even die-hard Apple opponents often make an exception for iPad because Android rivals tend to be either incredibly bad or shockingly expensive. So, the news that smartphone upstart OnePlus was making its own tablet was intriguing. OnePlus made a name for itself with a series of great Android phones that boasted premium specs at a fraction of the price of flagship phones. The new OnePlus Pad offers extremely good value at $479, with a case thrown in to boot. For that money, you get a processor up there with the very best, more than capable of handling most apps. The tablet also packs a large, great screen and solid battery life, which is how OnePlus managed to get its foot in the the smartphone door. The battery lasts for an entire month on standby, while the iPad Pro battery only lasts a couple of days. The OnePlus Pad also charges to 80% in as little as an hour. Another bonus is the fact that the OnePlus Pad’s screen is sharp and bright enough to be used outdoors. Its distinctly “tall” screen makes it easier to read or work on documents onscreen. OnePlus also added a split-screen mode for an even more “laptop-like” experience. It may not knock Apple’s iPad off its perch, but it certainly marks the entrance of a powerful new competitor.
Note: The keyboard is not included with the OnePlus Pad