Germany Leads the Way When It Comes to “Sitzpinklers”

German men are the world’s most prolific Sitzpinklers — someone who sits to urinate — according to a recent poll. In the survey, 62% of German men responded by saying they sit down to urinate, over 6 times higher than men in the United States. Sweden came in second with 50%, while Singapore was the lowest at 5%. Despite studies suggesting that sitting is the healthier option, the German term has a derogatory undertone, implying that sitting isn’t masculine. Sitting is so prevalent in Germany that many public restrooms request that men sit for sanitary reasons. Studies have also found that sitting helps to empty the bladder faster and more completely when compared to standing. Despite German men’s propensity to take a seat, a court in Dusseldorf ruled in favor of a man’s right to stand when a dispute arose between a tenant and a landlord. The landlord sought financial compensation for damage to his marble bathroom floor caused by urine. Attempting to retain part of the tenant’s $3,200 deposit, the landlord argued the bathroom floor was eaten away by uric acid. Although the judge acknowledged that standing often results in occasional arguments with females in the household, he ruled against the landlord.