Woman Accused of Breaking Into Homes and Cleaning Them

Sherry Bush (above right), a mother from Westlake, Ohio, said she came home to find her house a little cleaner after an uninvited guest had tidied up while she was away. Susan Warren — the so-called “Cleaning Fairy” — was accused of breaking into Bush’s home, doing some light cleaning, and leaving a bill for $75 for her services, along with her contact information. Thinking that Warren had gone to the wrong house, Bush called her to straighten things out. Warren, however, confessed that she had the right house and that she does this all the time, driving down the street and picking out random houses. She went on to explain that she had broken into Bush’s home because she needed cash, assuring her that nothing was stolen from the house. The 53-year-old was subsequently arrested, charged with attempted burglary, and sentenced to 20 hours of community service……..cleaning, no doubt.