Where Do You Rank On the Clutter Index?

People can have very different ideas about what it means to have a cluttered home. For some, a small pile of things in the corner of an otherwise well-ordered room constitutes serious clutter. For others, only when the narrow pathways make it hard to get through a room does the clutter reach the serious level. How can you tell when the saving and clutter goes past normal and becomes a hoarding disorder? The Clutter Image Rating Scale was developed to help individuals and professionals determine where to draw the line. The image below represents a living room in various stages of clutter — from completely clutter-free to very severely cluttered. In general, rooms or homes that reach the level of picture No. 4 or higher reflect a level of impact on everyday life that might qualify as hoarding. If you discover that you really are a hoarder, there are several avenues of treatment available that you can discuss with your doctor.