The Painted Buildings of Zalipie

You’ve probably never heard of Zalipie, but it might just be the prettiest town in Poland. Located 60 miles east of Krakow, everything in the village is painted with flowers. Legend has it that the villagers began painting flowers on their homes many years ago to cover up smudges of soot and smoke from their wood-burning stoves. The colors seem to be inspired by natural hues found in the village’s gardens. Soon, the painting was done on all buildings, not just on homes. Today, nothing goes unpainted in Zalipie — even the chicken coops and dog houses get a splash of color. It’s not just the exteriors that are painted — even the insides of the houses have colorful flowers decorating them. Even the town's only church — Saint Joseph’s Church — is covered with polish folk flowers on the inside, creating an unforgettable image. Apart from the paintings, Zalipie is surrounded by amazing green landscapes, colorful gardens, and their traditional flowers: hollyhocks. Despite its popularity, the village is very quiet and is the perfect place to relax and unwind.