The Most Beautiful Horse Breed In Existence

The Akhal-Teke horse is considered the most beautiful breed in existence due to their spectacular coat and slender form. They have proteins in their coat that appear metallic iridescent when light falls on them, which is why they’re called the “golden horse.” They're also suitable for a wide variety of equestrian disciplines, excelling in endurance races and full riding competitions. The Akhal-Teke was the breed of choice for soldiers and kings from Kazakhstan to China. In fact, Alexander the Great rode the breed in his many battles. Not much is known about the breed’s ancestry or origin, but they're considered one of the oldest breeds in the world. They typically have a height of around 15.2 hands (5’1”) and weigh an average of 900-1,000 pounds. They’re known to be very intelligent horses that respond well to sensitive training. Tough and resilient, they can live on sparse food and water and rarely have health problems. Being sensitive and loyal, they are known to make strong bonds with their owners, making them “one-rider” horses. The name Akhal-Teke, comes from the union of the name of the geographical area of Akhal and Teke, a Turkmen ethnic group. Today, there are about 8,000 registered Akhal-Tekes in the world, most registered in Turkmenistan, where they have become a national symbol.