The Maximum Amount Of Brazil Nuts You Can Safely Eat Each Day

Over the past several years, big bulky Brazil nuts have been slowly sneaking their way into the American palette. You can find them in the bulk nuts section of your grocery store, at online snack retailers, and even in on-the-go packs at convenience stores. Brazil nuts are actually very healthy for you, introducing a lot of essential nutrients into your body. They not only ensure a healthy thyroid gland, but also improve your immune system. Brazil nuts are, however, much higher in selenium than most other foods. While trace amounts of selenium are beneficial, too much can become toxic, causing gastrointestinal problems, brittle hair and nails, joint pain, and fatigue, as well as more serious issues like kidney failure, heart failure, and heart attacks. So, how many Brazil nuts is too many? Physicians recommend that you limit your daily intake to 5 Brazil nuts or less to ensure that you’re getting the benefits without the toxicity.