Now You Can Adopt Dogs That Failed Government Training Because They Were Too Nice

Although many service dogs graduate and go on to have successful careers, some fail their programs because of nervousness, lack of drive, or for just being too nice. The TSA is a perfect example. When dogs fail to become drug-sniffing dogs working alongside TSA agents, they become available for adoption by the general public. Those interested, however, must apply and travel to San Antonio, Texas, where the TSA dogs are located. For those looking to adopt in other areas, there are a number of organizations that find homes for pups who have failed to measure up to working standards. Mission K9 works to find older service dogs homes where they can take a well-deserved retirement. Freedom Service Dogs of America trains shelter dogs to become service dogs, while also placing those that don’t make the cut with loving families. Service Dogs also puts rescue dogs up for adoption when they fail make it through training. Many of these organizations require a fee, but it’s a small price to pay for a fluffy new friend that tried their best.