Move Over Mary Poppins — Meet the “Adventure Nannies”

Adventure Nannies is a company that caters to nomadic, adventurous parents who are looking for caregivers to join them on their offbeat jaunts — whether it’s festivals in the desert, ski trips to Aspen, or meditation retreats in India. In terms of pay, the average adventure nanny makes $30 to $45 an hour, which works out to about $70,000 to $100,000 a year. The idea for Adventure Nannies was born in 2007, when founder Brandy Schultz realized that her job as a nanny — requiring her to join families on backpacking treks through the Canadian wilderness, trips to Burning Man, and other off-the-beaten path destinations — was something she could turn into a business. The business officially launched in 2012 and was geared to finding exceptional travel nannies with unique skill sets for adventurous families across the country. Only about 5% of the company’s 10,000+ applicants each year make it through the rigorous qualification process, but those who manage to pass muster can have the time of their lives while making a great living.