Lionhead Rabbits Have Great Hair, But Beware of Making One a Pet

One of the most magnificent things about lionhead rabbits is that they have a lot of hair……..a LOT. It’s one of the reasons people are attracted to them as pets, but with great hair comes great responsibility. The hair alone takes major commitment. To prevent knots and tangles, you need to brush a lionhead rabbit’s fur at least 3 times a week. In the Spring, when rabbits molt by shedding excess hair, daily brushing is critical. Keeping a lionhead rabbit’s fur tangle-free is crucial to avoiding a potentially deadly intestinal blockage. Rabbits naturally groom themselves and swallow fur, but too much will gum up their inner workings. Lionhead rabbits are a dwarf breed that can live 8-10 years. They normally weigh between 2½ and 3½ pounds and sport 3-inch ears. While they’re smart and playful, they're also extremely timid. This means it will take time and gentle dedication to forge feelings of fondness on their part. A house with children or other pets is not an ideal environment. As for picking one up, that will send them into a panic until they get to know you VERY well. Of course, as with most animals, panic promotes aggression, mainly biting and scratching. The really bad news is that lionhead rabbits are very social animals, so they do the best in pairs…….and if you’re not careful in your gender selection, you could be biting off more than you or the rabbit can chew.