Japanese Power Tool Company Launches the World’s First Portable Microwave Oven

Japanese power tool manufacturer Makita recently unveiled a first-of-its-kind portable microwave oven, powered by two large batteries that can be recharged on the go. The Makita MW001G microwave oven is able to deliver 500 watts of power for up to 8 minutes, after which it automatically switches to a lower power of 350 watts to conserve battery life. Weighing just 19 pounds, it can reheat about 11 refrigerated lunches or 20 drinks on two fully-charged 40V batteries that are similar to power tool batteries. The portable microwave is intended for construction sites, in-car dining, camping, and in disaster situations. It even comes with a USB-A port for recharging small devices. Unfortunately, it’s only available in Japan for now, at a price of ¥71,500 yen ($540), but if it proves to be a success in Japan, it’s likely it will make its way to the U.S. in the near future.