Wisconsin Opens the First-Ever Cheese-Themed Luxury Spa

A new luxury spa is opening its doors. Wedgewater Spa in Madison, Wisc., offers an immersive cheese experience built on more than 180 years of world-class artisanship. The spa features a variety of premium beauty and wellness treatments that highlight the iconic cheeses that define Wisconsin in the eyes of the world. According to Victoria Curdsworthy, Wedgewater's Director of Experience, the real secret to great skin and a happy life is great cheese. Research shows that the essential proteins, natural fats and amino acids in cheese provide the ultimate moisturizing and anti-aging benefits, and Wedgewater claims that a 5-year aged cheddar facemask can help you look five years younger. Wedgewater's impressive menu of indulgences include cheese facials, salt brine colonics, raw milk baths, cheese rind scrubs, a Limburger moisturizing mist, and waxing with Gouda. Needless to say, these services don't come cheap. The salt brine colonic, for example, will set you back $325, while the Gouda wax ranges from $55-$150, depending on what you want waxed. Of course, all of these cheeses used are Wisconsin cheeses, know for their quality.