Why This Grandmother's Advice Went Viral

There’s no shortage of advice for getting through difficult times. Unfortunately, most of that advice is either painfully unrealistic, or reeks of toxic positivity. Solid advice that’s both helpful and comforting is hard to come by, which is why the advice given by Elena Mikhalkova is going viral right now for all the right reasons. If you’re struggling through difficulties, or even if you’re not, check out the advice of this kindly grandmother. Even if you don’t need it right now, file it away in your brain for a time when you might. 


In difficult times, you move forward in small steps. Do what you have to do, but little by little. Don’t think about the future, or what may happen tomorrow. Wash the dishes, remove the dust, write a letter, make a soup. You see? You’re advancing step by step. Take a step and stop. Rest a little, then take another step, then another. You won’t notice, but your steps will grow more and more, and the time will come when you can think about the future without crying. 


Now you see why Elena’s advice is being shared all across the Internet.