What's That Smell? It's the Dreaded Bradford Pear

If the Bradford pear tree were a celebrity, it would no doubt be looking for a new publicist. It's pretty to look at, but it stinks to high heaven. Often described as having the odor of rotting flesh, no one wants these trees in their neighborhood. Unfortunately, its size, nice canopy shape, and showy colors have made it commonplace in the U.S. The Bradford pear tree is easily sourced, fast-growing, and virtually indestructible. Once the tree put down its roots in America, it wasn’t going anywhere. The tree’s invasive qualities certainly stand out; in fact, it’s like planting ivy in your yard…….you’re dooming your neighbors for generations. The bad news is that Spring is upon us and the Bradford pears are blooming. So, the next time you pass one, take a deep breath. If you don’t like the smell, hold your nose, and perhaps complain about it on social media.