The One Area You Should Clean When You’re Feeling Blue

When you’re feeling down, the last thing you feel like doing is cleaning house. Unfortunately, the resulting clutter and disorganization can make you feel even worse. It’s a nasty cycle made worse by the fact that the mess simply won’t go away. Not only is having a tidy, sanitary home important to your safety, it’s good for your mental well-being. If you’re in a funk and feeling blue, you don’t have to go all Martha Stewart on the place, but you should try to clean something, and that something should be your living room. There’s a link between tidying up and feeling better because it makes you feel more in control. There’s no shortage of research concluding that physical activity reduces anxiety and alleviates depression. When you hear that, you probably think of the endorphin boost you feel after going to the gym or taking a walk. Working out and exercising are great, but cleaning also requires movement and effort, and it counts toward the recommended moderate weekly activity. Why the living room? That’s because it’s likely the most highly trafficked area of your home. The goal is to maximize your result with the minimal motivation you have. Having a clean space where you spend the most time may actually give you the boost you need to move on to other areas.