The Actor Who Refuses To Attend Award Shows

We don’t know exactly where Drew Carey will be on Monday, September 18, 2023, but we know where he won’t be — at the 75th Annual Emmy Awards. That’s because he dislikes all awards shows. Wishing that everyone would just admit that award shows are nothing more than publicity stunts, Carey likens them to idolatry. “I’m so glad that millionaires can line up to get a trinket for their mantel,” he said in one interview. Believing that those who covet the shows are simply “needy,” Carey points out that Hollywood celebrities not only need applause and a giant paycheck, they also need something to prove to themselves that they’re worthy. Carey admits that show business thrives on publicity, but he sees awards shows as a dishonest way to achieve it. “Plumbers don’t say, ‘Hey, you’re a good plumber — here’s your award.’ Nobody else does that,” said Carey. Asked if he ever sees a time when he’ll change his mind, Carey responded with, “There’s nothing that would make an award meaningful to me. I think the whole idea of an award show is bad."