Pet Owners Share the Worst Thing Their Pet Has Ever Done and They’re Hilarious

Pets……..they’re wonderful…….until they’re not. Although our cats and dogs are loving, innocent creatures, they also have a penchant for eating things they shouldn’t be eating, finding places to go potty where they shouldn’t, knocking over and breaking fragile knickknacks, and becoming weapons of mass destruction when it comes to shoes and furniture. If you have a pet, you likely have a least one horror story to tell. Still, no matter how egregious the act, it’s pretty hard to stay mad animals who bring so much joy into our lives. A recent social media post asked pet owners “What’s the worst thing your pet has ever done?” and the answers are hilarious. 


  • “My dog dug up my neighbor’s cable line on Super Bowl Sunday when they had a big crowd coming over.” @Living_Departure_265 
  • “My dog, who was teething at the time, chewed through the beanbag chair he used to sleep on, which was filled with Styrofoam pellets, each about 3mm in diameter……tens of thousands of them. There’s no effective way of picking them up to due to their attraction to static and the propensity to fly at the slightest change in wind. The vacuum cleaner just pushed around more than it picked up. It took 3 hours to clean up. We were finding pellets for years in random places. @Dearthfloyd 
  • “As I lay down for a much needed nap, I heard a crash in the living room. I go out to check and find my calico had climbed a desk and knocked over a small shelf containing a small case of silver thumbtacks all over my living room. I made it about 5 steps in before I realized I was surrounded by tacks!” @slumvillain 
  • “In college I was very broke and at one point was down to about 14 ounces left in a 2-liter bottle of Mountain Dew poured into a cup. My cat came to check out what I had, sniffed at it, and I guess the bubbles tickled her nose because she sneezed directly onto the surface of it.” @LatterTowel9403 
  • “I got a new dog and wanted him to be happy in his new home, so I gave him a pig ear to chew on (already a fairly disgusting treat) and he happily took it. A short time later, I found him on my bed, chomping away on the pig ear, with a large pile of drool and ear bits, now quite possibly a permanent part of my sheets. Silver lining… sheets smelled like bacon for a while, even after washing them!” @ItsGotHeart 
  • “A few nights ago, in the middle of the night, my monster cat brought a live pigeon through the cat door and released it in the living room. Feathers EVERYWHERE!” @effieokay 
  • “I have a Roomba. I set it to clean at 7:30 a.m. every morning because I’m always out the door for work by then and my dog has just been walked. One morning, the walk was apparently not long enough and my dog pooped on the floor. Then, like a good little robot, my Roomba took off. I came home to poo circles all over my carpet and a dead Roomba! @SleepsontheGround