Only One Member of the "Our Gang" Films Remains

On March 9, 2023, actor Robert Blake, who started his acting career playing the role of Mickey in the Our Gang film series, died at the age of 89, leaving only one remaining member of the cast: Sidney Kibrick. Sidney left Hollywood when he was only 11 years old, but thanks to Our Gang, his popularity has endured decades later. He played the role of “Woim” — a vernacular pronunciation of “worm” — the sidekick of Butch, the neighborhood bully, played by actor Tommy Bond. Sidney was discovered when a man approached his mother after a movie, explained that he was an agent, and said that he could use a kid like Sidney in a movie he was casting. Sidney’s mother thought it would be a good opportunity and decided to let the young boy give it a try. Soon after, Sidney was working with Shirley Temple on the 1933 film Out All Night. He was 5 years old at the time. Hal Roach, who owned the Our Gang film series just happened to see Sidney in the film and immediately signed him up for the series. No one was happier than Sidney's parents, since he was bringing in $750 a week ($15,787 today). By the time Sidney reached the age of 11, he decided that he wanted to stop acting and have a normal life. He would go on to become a successful real estate developer, but kept in touch with Our Gang cast members at reunions. Today, at 94, Sidney lives a quiet life in Palm Springs, California.