National Bubble Wrap Day? Who Is Making Up These Weird Holidays?

When you read this blog, it’s hard not to notice the picture of the cat that changes each day to indicate what national day we’re celebrating. What you don’t see is how many “days” get passed by because of their strange nature. It’s one thing to find out it’s National Donut Day or National Cherry Pie Day, but what you may not be aware of are all the oddball days that exist. National Bubble Wrap Day, National Hairball Awareness Day, National Talk Like a Pirate Day are just some of what’s out there. So, who makes up these weird holidays? First, you have to understand that national days are great for branding. Brands like to advertise around national days to draw attention to their product and get you to buy it. Are national holidays sanctioned? As much as we may wish that National Puppy Day was a sanctioned federal holiday, it’s not, and neither are all of the other “national days.” There are only 11 sanctioned federal holidays, and by now we all know what and when they are. How do you create a “national” day? The most authoritative source for national days is Chase’s Calendar of Events, which was first published in 1957. You can submit your entry on the website. The National Day Calendar also accepts suggestions for national days on their website. Finally, there’s, where they’re always looking for new holidays. There is, however, a catch. They will create custom holidays for companies and organizations for a fee, starting at $5,000. If you don’t have a brand to promote, or don’t have the $5,000, you can always petition local officials to declare a holiday in your interest.