Man Urges Gyms To Ban Videos and For a Very Good Reason

Gyms are communal places where people can go to improve their health, fitness and overall well-being. However, it’s no secret that many gyms have also become a production studio of sorts where influencers can set up a tripod to demonstrate the most cutting-edge squatting technique or where the average Joe can take that obligatory gym selfie to prove that the workout did, in fact, happen. There’s nothing inherently wrong with either of these activities, but they've managed to spark a new kind of unsavory behavior. Some people who visit the gym have taken to filming themselves feigning extreme frustration at folks walking from one machine to the next or grabbing a piece of equipment and — heaven forbid! — entering the frame of their video shot. Take for instance the woman who shared the below video on social media where she complains about a man using a medicine ball in order to get her attention. As one gym regular points out, the man had his back to her and made no attempt to get her attention. This video is a perfect example of what NOT to do at the gym, as fully explained by the man who re-posted the video with his opinion. Even for those who have never set foot in a gym, this is a poignant reminder to not lose our humanity as our relationship with social media grows.