Hotel EastLink – Getting a Room Here Is Literally Impossible

Located alongside a highway outside Melbourne, Australia, lies Hotel EastLink — at least what looks like a high-rise hotel. In reality, it’s just an unusual sculpture. Designed by local artist Callum Morton, the Hotel EastLink was unveiled in 2007, and it has been confusing motorists ever since. It’s not as large as a high-rise hotel — 65 feet tall, 40 feet wide, and 16 feet thick. However, driving past it at high speeds for the first time, it’s no wonder people look it up online hoping to call in for reservations. To make it even more confusing, at night some of the windows are lit up, which makes it seem like the rooms are occupied. There are, however, no rooms. In fact, the “building” itself can’t be entered because it’s a solid sculpture designed purely for ornamental purposes. If nothing else, it gives motorists something to talk about as they pass by.