Chick-fil-A Rolls Out New Rule After Bad Behavior At a Franchise

A Pennsylvania Chick-fil-A will no longer allow unaccompanied children and teens to dine at its location. Last week, Chick-fil-A's franchise location in Royersford incited debate after introducing the new policy. The announcement, which was issued on the location’s Facebook page, pointed to a series of “unacceptable behaviors” behind its decision. Loud volume (peppered with explicit language), mistreatment of property, abuse of employees, and unsafe behaviors were cited as part of the decision. “We want to provide a comfortable and safe environment for our guests and our staff, and also to protect our building,” the post read. “Therefore, we cannot allow this to continue. As a result, to dine in our restaurant, anyone under the age of 16 is required to be accompanied by an adult.” Though not permitted to stay at the restaurant without adult supervision, the franchise noted that teens could order food to go. The response on social media has primarily favored the restaurant’s choice, with many users expressing their frustration over their own experiences at the chain.