Can Wheaties Really Stick To Magnets?

It’s the “Breakfast of Champions” and is "fortified with iron,” but do Wheaties really stick to magnets? The cereal’s nutrition facts say that one serving will supply 70% of your daily recommended allowance of iron. Iron is necessary for a healthy diet, but imagine a cereal so laden with iron that it could actually stick to a magnet. So far, there's no documented evidence of magnets attracting Wheaties flakes like they would metal paperclips. One recent attempt to conduct this experiment found that no matter how the magnets were positioned or how finely ground the flakes were, the magnets didn’t attract the cereal. Although every 100 grams of wheat boasts 3.8 mg of iron, the amount of iron in each flake of Wheaties is so minuscule that it’s not enough to make the cereal magnetic. So, if you’ve been afraid to eat Wheaties because of the cereal’s claim to be “fortified with iron,” you can go out and buy a box and put that fear out of your mind.