8-Year-Old Sneaks Handwritten Book Onto a Library Shelf — It Now Has a Waiting List

Writing a book is no easy feat, even for professional writers. Many would-be authors dream of the day when their work can be found on library shelves, unsure if that day will ever come. For 8-year-old Dillon Helbig, that day has already arrived, thanks to his own determination to make it happen. Dillon wrote his 81-page graphic novel, The Adventures of Dillon Helbig’s Crismis in a hardcover journal with colored pencils over the course of a few days. He even put a label on the back of the book and included an illustrated spine label as well. Then, without telling anyone, he took it to his local library in Boise, Idaho, and slipped it in among the books in the children’s section. The library received a call from Dillon’s mother, who proceeded to explain what her son had done. Although she was worried that the library would get rid of the book, Alex Hartman, manager of the Lake Hazel Branch, assured her that her fears were unfounded — “If there’s ever a place a book would be safe, it’s here,” he said. Not only did the library allow the book to remain, they also awarded Dillon’s book with the first-ever Whoodini Award for Best Young Novelist — an award they created in his honor. The book features Dillon, his mother, a bomb, a portal, and a giant carnivorous turkey. If the book has piqued your curiosity, you’re not alone. There are currently 56 people on the waiting list for Dillon’s book. If each person on the list keeps the book for the maximum 4-week checkout period, it would take 4 years to get to the people at the bottom of the list. The experience has made Dillon decide to become an author, with promises of his next book, The Jacket-Eating Closet.