8-Year-Old Raises $100,000 After Finding Out His Favorite Waffle House Server Walked To Work

Everyone has their favorite place to eat, and if you visit enough, you get to know the regular servers and sometimes even form a bit of a friendship with them. When 8-year-old Kayzen Hunter started going with his parents to a local Waffle House in Arkansas, he became familiar with server Devonte Gardner. It wasn’t long before Gardner became Kayzen’s favorite server, exchanging high fives and letting Kayzen tell him jokes. Kayzen then discovered that Garden was walking to work because he didn’t have a car. When Kayzen shared the information with his parents, they decided to set up a GoFundMe page to help Gardner get a car to get him back and forth to work. Through the process, the family also discovered that Gardner, his wife and two daughters had been living in a motel. Tired of living in low-income housing that was infested with rats and roaches, Gardener moved his family to a motel. The GoFundMe page blew past the original goal of $5,000 to reach a whopping $108,000. After buying a car and signing the lease on a 2-bedroom apartment, Garden says he’s going to save the remainder of the money to put his daughters in a good school. “Everything I’m getting is going towards my daughters to make sure they have a great life,” he said. As for Gardner, he still works at Waffle House and greets Kayzen and his family just like always, high fives and all.