Why You Should Be Putting Paper Towels in the Refrigerator

We’re used to reaching for paper towels to sop up spills, but there are more surprising uses for them than you might think, and one of them is in your refrigerator. Sometimes produce goes bad faster than we can eat it, and it’s safe to say that no one likes throwing away food. All you have to do is line your crisper drawers with paper towels before you place your produce in them. Then, replace the paper towels every time you add a new batch of produce. This ensures that your vegetables will stay fresh longer. If you have a bag of lettuce or spinach that you’re trying to keep fresh, it can help to add a paper towel directly into the bag. Most fruits and vegetables, including kale and zucchini, release water over time, and that moisture has nowhere to go. Unfortunately, it gets trapped in the crisper drawer, leading to sad, brown produce. Paper towels absorb that moisture, slowing the process of vegetables falling limp. It’s important to remember to change the paper towels frequently; otherwise, they’ll get soggy from the moisture and not do their job of protecting your produce. The drier your produce, the longer it will last.