Swedish Company Launches the World’s First Airbag Jeans for Motorcyclists

Swedish company Mo’cycle recently announced the world’s first airbag jeans, which offer impact protection for motorcyclists. While there have been inflatable accessories like helmets with inflatable interiors and backpacks that inflate to protect the back, Mo’cycle has introduced the first airbag jeans. The jeans are made out of Armalith, a special fabric that looks and feels like actual denim but is actually water-repellent and abrasion-resistant. The built-in airbags get triggered during motorcycle accidents to protect the rider’s lower body. Apart from the tailbone, the special jeans offer protection for thighs, hips, and the back of the torso. They also come with protective knee pads. An important characteristic of the airbag jeans is that they’re completely reusable. Even if the airbags do go off, they can be deflated and then hooked up to another compressed air canister. In case you’re worried that you might forget to detach the trigger from the motorcycle and accidentally activate the airbags, don’t be. Mo-cycle claims the trigger requires a force of at least 88 pounds to release, meaning only a fall off the motorcycle can activate the airbags. As you might imagine, protection like this doesn’t come cheap. The airbag jeans currently sell at a starting price of $499.