PETA Offers To Pay For Wienermobile Repair If Oscar Mayer Converts It To a Vegan Vehicle

Animal rights group PETA has offered to pay for repairs and maintenance for up to a year on the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile that was damaged last week on the lot of a Las Vegas hotel……but only if the vehicle goes vegan. In a letter to Carlos Abrams-Rivera, President of Kraft-Heinz Co., PETA says it will pay for a new catalytic converter on the Wienermobile, but only if the company converts it to a Veganmobile. The vehicle’s catalytic converter — a key part of the emissions system — was cut out by thieves as it was parked overnight. In town for some appearances tied to the Super Bowl, the Wienermobile was repaired the following morning when its hot dog handlers discovered the missing part. Kraft-Heinz respectfully declined the vegan offer, noting that the damage had already been repaired. The email to PETA said that Kraft-Heinz has “long offered many plant-based options” and recently announced a new plant-based Philadelphia cream cheese. So, don’t be on the lookout for a Not Hotdogmobile anytime soon.