Is Facebook Going To Start Charging Users In 2023?

Rumors are flooding the Internet that Facebook is going to start charging people to use the platform in 2023, but is it true? Right now, it’s free to create an account on Facebook and use all of its features, and Instagram doesn’t cost anything either. Both sites, along with WhatsApp, are owned by Meta, the company that has revealed some interesting new paid plans. The social media giant is testing a new feature called Meta Verified, which is a subscription that includes account verification, impersonation protection, and access to increased visibility and support. You can continue using Facebook exactly as you do now without paying a penny and you don’t have to sign up for Meta Verified. The program is available for both Facebook and Instagram starting at $11.99 a month for web and $14.99 a month for iOS and Android. Right now, Meta Verified is only available in Australia and New Zealand, but if the program is successful, Mark Zuckerberg plants to bring it to the rest of the world. The program is geared more to businesses, so if you're just using Facebook as a platform to brag about your grandchildren or show off the food you eat, there's no need to worry about Meta Verified.