Blast Your Toaster With a Hair Dryer

Cleaning a toaster is more involved than you might think, but one of the most important steps is just getting all the crumbs out. There’s an easier way to clean out toaster crumbs than turning it upside down and reaching inside to rustle them out. First, unplug your toaster for safety. Next, stuff a dry microfiber cloth down into the slots to knock out the big crumbs. Then grab your hair dryer and direct it right into the slots to blow the smaller crumbs out. Now that you have your toaster clean, you can use your hair dryer for a lot of other things. 


  • Use your hair dryer to clean out bottles you can’t get a towel inside of. Turn the hair dryer on high speed and hold the bottle at a downward angle. Shoot the air into the bottle, making sure the nozzle of the dryer isn’t right below the opening of the bottle so it doesn’t drip water into the dryer. 
  • Re-melt melted wax from your candle warmer to make removal and cleanup easier. 
  • Remove candle wax from carpeting. Lay some paper towels over the wax, then use your hair dryer on high heat to blow air at the spot. You’ll see the wax start to bleed into the paper towel. Once the towel gets saturated with wax, swap it out for a fresh one and repeat until all the wax comes up.