Woman Who Lost 417 Pounds Says She Feels Small For the First Time In Her Life.

A 44-year-old teacher who lost 417 pounds has documented the painful process she went through to have 47 pounds of excess skin removed after undergoing a weight loss journey that lasted almost 5 years. Teresa Parent of Long Beach, Calif., started her journey weighing in at 570 pounds after consuming approximately 10,000 calories a day. In 2016, she suffered a mild heart attack, and when she went to the doctor he told her she would be dead within 5 years if she didn’t make dramatic changes to her lifestyle. The news sparked Teresa to embark on a new diet and exercise routine before having gastric surgery when her stomach reached the size of an egg. Having lost all the weight, it was time to say goodbye to all the skin that was left over. Now, Teresa says she feels small for the first time in her life and can do things like cross her legs with no problem.