Woman Beats Depression By Leaving Her Comfort Zone and Doing Something New Every Day For a Year

Like many of us, Jess Mell, an insurance adjuster in England, had a hard time during the pandemic. During the first two years of lockdowns, she suffered from anxiety and depression, so on Dec. 27, 2021, she decided to fight back by getting out of her comfort zone. To overcome her mental health issues, she challenged herself to try something new every day for 100 days. The challenge was so effective at improving her outlook that she extended the challenge to a year. The 34-year-old tried new endeavors like origami, learning to play the ukulele, dying her hair pink, changing a car tire, and learning to use chopsticks. By the end of 2022, she had only accomplished 364 tasks, so she decided to make number 365 creating a video compilation of her accomplishments that she then posted on Instagram. Mell’s story is a reminder of the benefits of getting out there and trying something new.