Tired of Pulling Tangled Bed Sheets Out of the Dryer?

The most difficult part of taking care of bed sheets is pulling them out of the dryer. At worst, you find yourself with a wet, tangled mess; at best, you the sheets are dry but still in a twisted mess. The easiest way to keep sheets untangled without reducing the load size is to throw in two or three clean tennis balls. Run the dry cycle as you normally would, and you should have dry, tangle-free sheets when it’s done. The balls add a little extra weight, which keeps things moving and loose in the dryer. They also hold onto heat, which circulates throughout the space and shortens the drying time. As an added bonus, tennis balls also help soften sheets. If you don't have any tennis balls on hand, you can always pick up some wool dryer balls on Amazon, at Target or at Walmart.