These 10 Words Have Been Banished for 2023

Every year since 1976, Lake Superior State University has compiled a list of words that are to be banned for the entire incoming year. More than 1,000 everyday terms have made it onto the roll of shame, some more than once. This year sees words and phrases that have been overused and abused in 2022, and some of them most people will be glad to see go. Words and terms banned in 2022 included “no worries,” “you’re on mute,” and “wait, what?” Others over the years the ban has included “vis-a-vis,” “information superhighway,” and “I’m like” — and that one we’re always happy to see leave. Quite predictable was the ban on “Y2K” in 1999, followed by “millennium” in 2000. So, without further ado…… 


  1.  1. GOAT: the acronym for Greatest of All Time 
  2.  2. Infection point 
  3.  3. Gaslighting 
  4.  4. Quiet quitting 
  5.  5. Amazing 
  6.  6. Moving forward 
  7.  7. Absolutely 
  8.  8. Does that make sense? 
  9.  9. Irregardless…….hello? That’s not even a real word! 
  10. 10. It is what it is 

So, now that we have this AMAZING list — perhaps the GOAT — nobody should be QUIET QUITTING but should be MOVING FORWARD, IRREGARDLESS of whether they’re GASLIGHTING someone. We have, after all, ABSOLUTELY reached the INFECTION POINT of this article. DOES THAT MAKE SENSE? If not, hey, IT IS WHAT IT IS.