The Worst Tech Gadget of 2022

Dyson is a household name these days, providing us with products like vacuum cleaners, hair dryers, and fans. While Dyson tops the list of most reviews for vacuum cleaners, there’s one product that has put them at the top of a less-desired list: Worst Tech Gadgets of 2022. Dyson’s Zone air-purifying headphones look like they should be a COVID mask, but that’s not what they do. The Zone began back in 2016 as a personal air filter, mainly for pollution. For that reason, it was never designed to protect the wearer against COVID. Furthermore, one critic has claimed that the gadget’s force-driven fans could even help maximize your chances of catching the coronavirus. The noise-canceling headphones are actually a wearable air filtration system that essentially uses two electric fans spinning at high speed........unfortunately, next to your ears. Dyson claims its filters can capture 99% of particle pollution, in particular the gases and particles most associated with city center pollution. At a staggering $949 and the extremely unattractive look of them, it’s no wonder they were one of the top flops of the year.