The Welsh Family That’s Been Living in the Middle of a Roundabout For Over 40 Years

In 1960, when David and Eirian Howatson moved into their bungalow in Denbighshire, Wales, the area was a regular neighborhood and things were pretty normal. About 20 years after they moved in, authorities came knocking and advised them that their property was right where a new roundabout was going to be built. The Howatsons refused to move, so the roundabout was built around their home, and they’ve continued to live there ever since. The Howatsons say they’re perfectly happy where they are. Although they don’t have to worry about neighbors, the roundabout does get busy at certain times of the day. The family says one of the biggest challenges of living in the middle of a roundabout is having packages delivered. Because the family shares the same postal code as the houses around them, it usually takes a while for delivery drivers to realize the house is in the middle of the roundabout. The Howatsons have no plans to move anytime soon. Their home is quirky and unique — and they like it that way.