The Shower Cap That Washes Your Hair Without Water

The one thing hospital patients miss more than anything else about not being at home is the ability wash their hair. When patients feel clean, they feel better in general and are more likely to be satisfied with their hospital experience. That’s why many hospitals have begun providing patients with rinse-free shampoo caps. The all-in-one shampoo plus conditioner caps provide an entirely self-contained wash, while eliminating any mess, cleanup time, or the need to change wet bed linens. The fabric-lined caps are per-moistened with a gentle, rinse-free shampoo and conditioner that effectively removes gels, blood and iodine that are normally associated with hospital tests and procedures. The caps work on most lengths and types of hair. Just place the cap on the patient’s head, massage, remove the cap, and then dry and comb. The massage caps are also available to the general public for use when traveling, camping out, or in situations where there’s no access to showers. They can be purchased online at Amazon and are carried by most Walmart outlets, with prices ranging from $3 to $6 each.