The Secret Undo Codes For Japanese Elevators

There’s a special kind of awkwardness reserved for when you hit the wrong floor button on an elevator. As the elevator moves toward the floor number you’ve mistakenly commanded it to stop at, you can only hope that someone else actually needs to get off there. If not, there’s going to be that uncomfortable moment when everyone on the elevator just stands there wondering what’s going on as the doors open and nobody gets out. However, if you happen to live in Japan, you can avoid the wrong button embarrassment. That's because most elevators in Japan have an undo button that lets you cancel a floor you accidentally selected. While the method varies by manufacturer, many allow you to cancel a floor by double-tapping on the button. On some elevators, all you have to do to cancel a floor is to hold the button for a few seconds, and on yet others you’ll have to hit the floor button 5 times in rapid succession to cancel.