The Butter King Dazzles the Internet

When it comes to the bizarre and unusual, social media is like a revolving door, with one quirky thing or another grabbing the attention of the public and making videos go viral. Now there’s a new food hero to carry the proverbial viral torch and lead us into the new year. Enter the “Butter King.” Those who have visited the Century 16 Theater in Corpus Christi, Texas, can attest to the amazing skills of the "grandmaster of popcorn," who shows off some serious skills at the concession stand. In a viral clip, theater employee Jason Grosbol exercises supreme finesse with the way he deftly layers butter and popcorn like he was born to do it. Jason's skills even landed him an appearance on the late-night talk show Jimmy Kimmell Live! Jason’s smooth buttering technique on live TV resulted in an invitation to serve popcorn at the Oscars ceremony Kimmel is hosting in March. Needless to say, those Jason has impressed the most are the folks who complain that there’s never enough butter on the buttered popcorn. Clearly, Jason has mastered the popcorn-to-butter ratio.