The Bank Heist In "Die Hard With a Vengeance" Was So Well-Planned That the FBI Got Involved

The best movie heists are thrilling, suspenseful, daring, and filled with hints of danger, but they can often be a little far-fetched. One movie that was so meticulous in its design and so realistic that it caught the attention of the FBI. The underrated film Die Hard With a Vengeance features a particularly well-crafted heist, one that could actually be pulled off flawlessly. In the film, villain Simon Peter Gruber (Jeremy Irons) and his team are disguised as a subway car repair team. They go through the New York City Water Tunnel system to make their way into the Federal Reserve Bank, which contains $140 billion in gold. It seems almost too good to be true, but screenwriter Jonathan Hensleigh did a lot of research to make his screenplay seem as accurate as possible, not realizing his script would prompt the FBI come calling. The FBI felt that Hensleigh had maybe a little too much information on hand about the Federal Reserve Bank, the set of which was designed to be very similar to the actual basement vault. In the end, the FBI arranged to meet with bank officials to discuss the ways in which the facility could be improved, suggesting that they knew they needed to get their guard up if screenwriters could devise realistic ways for a heist to happen.