Man Left Disfigured After Slap Fighting Championship

Slap fighting is a sport which involves two competitors standing in front of each other and taking turns landing open-palm slaps on their counterpart. Competitor Sorin Comsa recently participated in the RXF Slap Fighting championships in Romania, where he was left with a swollen and disfigured face after his competitor, Alexandru Gorczyca, landed a brutal strike to his head. Comsa was left looking unrecognizable by the time the event ended. Despite receiving the heavy blow, Comsa went on to beat Gorczyca and was crowned the champion of the entire tournament. For his efforts, Comsa walked away with the RXF heavyweight title and £4430 ($5,416) in prize money. In slap fighting, there are three rounds, with each participant allowed one slap. There must be supporters near the competitors to prevent them from falling after a slap. It’s forbidden to strike the temple, nose, ear or larynx. The duel is watched by three judges, two observing the fight and one analyzing replays. The judges make the final decision, which is irrevocable.