Inmate Creates Inventive Grill To Make Burritos For Cellmates

In recent years, social media has allowed us a look into what it’s like to spend time behind bars. Beyond the uglier aspects of incarceration, there’s an actual community of people with jobs who use the Internet and even have cell phones. In one video that circulated on social media, a metal bed frame was been transformed into a makeshift grill. The grillmaster, who will remain anonymous for obvious reasons, is preparing burritos for his fellow inmates. To keep the flame hot, he uses rolls of toilet paper, which are organized on the floor beside him. The scene begs many questions like……how is this allowed? Beyond the potentially unsanitary — yet imaginative — grill, there’s also an assortment of chips to choose from and beverages that are being chilled in an ice-filled mop bucket. The clever set-up resembles an in-house restaurant. Needless to say, social media users were bewildered…….”Cell phones??……ice?…… prison??"