Halo Top Will Give You Free Ice Cream for Sticking to a New Goal

Halo Top is kicking off the new year by offering up an accountability goal tracker that gives you rewards as you accomplish your goal, and the first prize is a free pint of Halo Top ice cream. Once you claim your reward, you’ll be entered to win additional sweepstakes as you continue making progress. There’s no purchase necessary for any rewards. All you need to get started is a goal you ideally want to turn into a long-term habit and an account on Halo Top's website. It doesn’t matter what your goal is — it can be anything from going to the gym to walking your dog……you just have to stick with it. You’ll be required to check in on the website each day, but whether you actually complete your goal for the day is based on the honor system. Once you hit 7 consecutive days of completing your goal, you will unlock the first reward, which is a coupon for a free pint of Halo Top ice cream. Since there are no physical ice cream stores, you’ll need to take the coupon to your local grocery store to redeem it. If you continue the challenge past the 7 days, you’ll automatically be entered into additional sweepstakes. You must begin the challenge no later than January 25th, and it will continue until March 31st. There will be one grand prize of $10,000 cash.