Baby Names That Are Banned In America

Millions of babies are born and named in the U.S. each year, but certain names are banned by state governments. California, for example, restricts names to 26 characters in the English alphabet, as well as banning emojis and obscene/derogatory names. The state of Georgia prohibits symbols — including accents — in baby names, while New Yorkers who welcome babies are given a 30-character limit for first and middle names and a 40-character limit for last names. Texans are not permitted to use numbers and pronunciation marks in names, and Virginians can’t use numbers, symbols or other special characters in names. The reason states get a say in their residents’ baby names is because birth certificate issuance falls under state jurisdiction. Most states agree that numbers, trademarks, symbols, umlauts, tildes, and emojis have no place in names. Other names that can be rejected from birth certificates are those that reference trademarked brands. Names that have been banned nationwide include Jesus Christ, Messiah, Adolf Hitler, BabyBoy, BabyGirl, Infant, and Anthrax.