Woman Posts Before-and-After Pictures of 1-Pound Weight Loss To Prove Weight is Meaningless

Adrienne Osuna is a fitness blogger with a focus on weight training. After years of struggling with her weight, this mother-of-four finally got serious about her health. After she had her children, she had lost and gained about 80 pounds. Tired of continually dieting and only focusing on what the scale said, she lost 62 of the 80-pound weight gain, at which point her body was done. She wasn’t eating enough, her metabolism was shot, and if she messed up one day on her diet, the scale wouldn’t budge. That’s when she made the decision to change her focus from the scale to weightlifting. Weightlifting transformed her body, even though the scale didn’t move. An image she posted on her blog to point out that focusing on the scale is a misleading goal went viral. The before-and-after picture shows Osuna before she started lifting and after — a complete physical transformation that resulted in a staggering 1-pound weight loss. Social media went crazy wondering why she would post about such a small weight loss, but she later explained that she felt it was important to understand that fitness isn’t about a number, it’s about exercise and how it affects your body and overall health. Osuna said she loves to see how much she can lift because it’s empowering to her. That’s a much better mark of success than a smaller number on the scale.